Meat To You
Butcher making beef patties


We have created our boxes with the idea of asking you to ‘trust  us’  and to trust that what we deliver direct to you, is the best cut, portion and quality of meat that we can produce at any particular time in the farming season. 

It should actually be called ‘trust the farmer and the butcher’ but that name is a bit too long!! 

Here are some of the reasons that we are asking you to ‘Trust the Butcher. 

  • We hand pick the stock from our own farm that come in for processing for Petit Meat , Clearview Simmental, and  Taranaki Prime.  This is based on size, age, condition, sex, etc of the animal.  We ask you to trust that, as farmers, we are selecting the very best available. 
  • Not all carcasses are created equally.  Because there are so many different possible cuts of meat, when the carcass is hanging, the butchers  look carefully at the best combinations of select cuts available. We ask that you trust the butchers to deliver the best options available. 
  • Kiwis are said to be one of the worst in the world at a/. utilising the whole animal and b/. trying new cuts of meat.  We have had great feedback from people who said that if they had picked their own cuts, they would have ordered the same cuts that they have bought for the past 20 years.  They thanked us for having a couple of different options in their box and forcing them to try something new – some of which have become their new favourites!   

Sustainably utilising the whole animal is very important at Meat to You. 

Butcher packing meat box