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Simmental Cows In a Taranaki Paddock


Shane & Kylie McDonald have been farming for many years and recognise the importance of taking good care of their livestock from day one.


Our motivation stems from breeding our own top quality stock and feeling the frustration of the limited opportunities to take our product directly to the consumer.

‘We strongly believe in the quality of our land, of our cattle and of the meat that we produce. We want to give others the opportunity to enjoy the top quality meat that we passionately produce. We want to have a better connection with our customers’.

We know that New Zealand farmers are amongst the best in the world and we are proud to support and showcase farmers in our local communities through the Taranaki Prime brand. We are also well aware that farmers in general want to be part of a bigger story and have a connection with the consumer.

Shane Kylie Mcdonald

What makes our meat different from the rest?

Does stress impact the quality of meat? Absolutely. At our farm, we take pride in our meticulous approach to processing meat with reduced stress. Our commitment to ensuring the well-being of our animals starts by providing them a calm and relaxed environment throughout their time on the farm. When it comes to the crucial moment of slaughter, we prioritise their tranquillity. By adhering to these practices, we guarantee meat of superior taste and exceptional quality in our meat boxes, rivalling even the renowned Wagyu beef. Additionally, we go the extra mile to minimise stress by avoiding long-distance transportation in meat trucks and eliminating the anxiety caused by processing plants. Our animals are either respectfully slaughtered on-site at their own farms or brought just a few kilometres away to our facility for the process.

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We prioritise transparency when it comes to the origin of our meat. To ensure that you have full knowledge of its source, we have implemented a convenient QR code system on every meat pack. By simply scanning the QR code, you can easily access detailed information about the specific farm from which your meat originates. We believe in empowering our customers with the ability to trace their meat back to its roots, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the quality and ethical standards behind our products.

Simmental cow looking at camera